Final Submission

Final XD Prototypes: Haiyan’s Journey: Hemi’s Journey: Mike’s Journey: Sarah’s Journey: Andrea’s Journey: Barry’s Journey:

Coding my article

My aim for coding this article is to have a responsive desktop article go into a mobile article. The appearance of both my article layouts are quite different but I think I will learn a lot about coding in this process. These are my two desktop and mobile article layouts that I’m aiming for: I…

Evolution of Barry’s Journey

User test 1: User test 2: User test 3: from class user test 3: I really liked the animation once barry has commented! Super nit pick: I got a bit confused with it coming up with multiple emails. I think it could just put in the email that barry would type. The nav bar should…

Evolution of Sarah’s Journey

User test 1: User test 2: User test 3: User test 4:– Feedback from class user test 4: very detailed and i really like the layout of your web design. I seemed to skip through the login screen automatically. Might be better to choose between opinion and write article before showing the boxes for writing….

Evolution of Mike’s Journey

After running my idea of making a paid development for Mike past Tristam he thought it was a good idea and suggested I check out other news websites with paywalls. NZ Herald – Premium feature The Times – London The Economist Financial Times The Times – London The Economist Feedback from class user test: Loved…